Blog Post 15

Just as in “She Lived in a Story,” Omaha Bigelow exhibits the narratological concept of a matrix story, or a story within a story. 

“Maruquita handed Omaha the cell phone. He took it hesitantly. Mr. Vega?” (Vega 98)

The story within a story occurs as Mr. Vega and Omaha converse.  Readers are seemingly, at first, unaware of who Mr. Vega is or his role within the novel.  No outside information is given as to his character, and as readers, we are left to fill in the pieces and build our own interpretation as to goings on of the story.  From the lack of information, we determine that Mr. Vega, Omaha, and Maruquita had an ongoing storyline different from that of which we have been reading thus far.  Thus, a story within a story unfolds in Omaha Bigelow.

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