Blog Post 6

In Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quixote treads the line between reality and fiction through his countless adventures with his sidekick Sancho.  The idea that imagination can overtake reality is discussed as Cervantes writes, “the idea that this whole fabric of famous fabrications was real so established itself in his mind that no history in the world was truer for him” (Cervantes 27).  This quote reinforces the power of the mind so much so that fiction becomes Don Quixote’s reality.  He is no longer able to separate reality from fiction.  What he reads is the world around him and the history of the past.  The alliteration, namely the use of the word “fabric,” indicates that there’s an element of structure.  The fabric is part of a greater whole- the pieces of the imagination weave together to make or overtake his mind.  “Famous fabrications” can be stories there were already written; these stories were taken at face value by him and became real.

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