Blog Post 3

After a first reading of “She Lived in a Story,” I admittedly wasn’t impressed by Samperio’s work.  I found it purposely confusing in a pretentious manner; however, after the discussion in class about the significance of the points of views and narratology, I can begin to slowly appreciate the style of writing.  It doesn’t change my initial reaction of disliking the story, but I can now appreciate the story on a deeper level, because of how it was written.  It seemed like less of story being told for enjoyment and more for the fact of teaching writing styles.  I can appreciate it for its literary style but still didn’t find it an enjoyable read.  It was challenging in its confusion, but the confusion didn’t take away from me liking the story; I just didn’t enjoy the story being told.  This story made me realize that while I can find a piece challenging, that doesn’t necessarily take away from my enjoyment of reading the writing.  I can separate finding a piece challening it and still appreaciate it for the story being told.

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