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Point of view allows readers to see through the eyes of a particular character or narrator and is essential to having a deeper understanding of the writing at hand.  In Guillermo Samperio’s short-story “She Lived in a Story,” Samperio creates a matrix story with the creation of his character Segovia; Segovia creates a further extension of his story by Samperio by creating the character Ofelia.  Ofelia is referred to as the hypernarrative of these sets of stories in that she in the extension of Segovia who was an extension of Samperio; she is a by-product of the original work by Samperio.  Ofelia writes, “I write that he writes a story that I live in” (Samperio 60).  Wih these lines, she reaffirms the idea that she realizes that she is created by Segovia, and thus she tries to write about her awareness of this situation.  By taking charge and penning her own story, Ofelia accepts a position in which she can now take charge.  She can decide what goes or doesn’t go and how the story is executed.  Her realization that she is a creation from another story twists readers’ standard concepts of what happens within a novel; usually, these two realms would remain separated.  However, Ofelia’s awareness of the situation changes the story and the readers’ understanding of what is going on.  As readers, we begin to see the fact that she flips the situation so that she is now the one incorporating Segovia into her story and not the other way around.

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