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The power or effects of characters within in a novel are a direct result of the author’s genius and limitless imagination.  The author reserves all creative ability to mold his/her characters into an exact model of what he/she needs them to be.  In Guillermo Samperio’s short-story “She Live in a Story,” he creates a character named Segovia who serves as an author and lecturer.  Segovia states, “in one way or another actors live in the text. They live the part they were given to play and they live the text; they do not embody anyone at all” (Samperio 56).  Essentially, Segovia is reaffirming the previous notions by agreeing that like actors, characters within a novel, are given a role to play. The author starts from scratch, and his/her creations are unlike any that exists before hence, “they do not emobdy anyone at all.”  These characters are given a particular description and motive and exist purely for that role.

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